Speculum rhomboideum

speculum rhomboideum: aponeurotický začátek m. trapezius nad C7 (vazivové políčko) p. descendens: laterální třetina klíční kosti p. transversa: acromion, margo superior spinae scapulae p. ascendens: dolní okraj mediální části spina scapulae až po tuberculum deltoideu More than 50% preservation of the speculum rhomboideum of the trapezius is possible in 72% in C3-C6 laminoplasty and 16% in C3-C7 laminoplasty. In C3-C7 laminoplasty, the possibility of partial preservation of the rhomboideus minor, serratus posterior superior, and splenius capitis at the spinous process was 0%, 66%, and 29%, respectively Článek byl označen za rozpracovaný, od jeho poslední editace však již uplynulo více než 30 dní: Chcete-li jej upravit, pokuste se nejprve vyhledat autora v historii a kontaktovat jej. Podívejte se také do diskuse.: Pokud vše nasvědčuje tomu, že původní autor nebude v editacích v nejbližší době pokračovat, odstraňte šablonu {{Pracuje se}} a stránku upravte

A speculum (Latin for mirror; plural specula or speculums), is a medical tool for investigating body orifices, with a form dependent on the orifice for which it is designed.In old texts, the speculum may also be referred to as a diopter or dioptra. Like an endoscope, a speculum allows a view inside the body; endoscopes, however, tend to have optics while a speculum is intended for direct vision *kolem trnu C7 - speculum rhomboideum m. latissimus dorsi a.pars spinalis b.pars iliaca c.pars costalis a.trn Th7-L5, crista sacralis mediana* b.crista iliaca c.3 - 4 kaudální žebra crista tuberculi minoris humeri addukce, extenze a pronace paže n. thoracodorsalis (C6-C8) *prostřednictvím fascia thoracolumbali Svaly hrudníku -Musculi thoracis • torakohumerální svaly -m. pectoralis major -m. pectoralis minor -m. subclavius -m. serratus anterior • vlastní svaly hrudník boid minor and the speculum rhomboideum section of the trapezius, which is composed of the middle fibers of the trapezius and contains a very strong tendinous compo-nent.16 Therefore, we postulated that preservation of the paraspinal muscles of the C-6 spinous process in addition to the C-7 spinous process might decrease postoperativ

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Axilla -fossa axillaris four-wall pyramid-shaped fossa border: • Inferior surface of shoulder joint (top) • mm. pectorales (ventrally) • m. latissimus dorsi, m. teres major (dorsally Request PDF | Surgical anatomy of the nuchal muscles in the posterior cervicothoracic junction: Significance of the preservation of the C7 spinous process in cervical laminoplasty | An anatomic. speculum rhomboideum (Dylevský, 2000). Úpon m. trapezius se rozlišuje podle pr ůběhu svalových snopc ů, vzniká tak n ěkolik svalových komponent: • pars descendens - kraniální sestupné svalové snopce se upínají na zevní konec klí ční kosti, na akromion a na spina scapulae rhomboideum speculum : German - English translations and synonyms (BEOLINGUS Online dictionary, TU Chemnitz

Speculum - a medical instrument for dilating a bodily passage or cavity in order to examine the interio Guyonův kanál (čti Gyjónův) - mezi os pisiforme a hamulus ossis hamati nad retinaculum flexorum - prochází tudy n. ulnaris et vasa ulnaria - může být utlačen stejně jako n. medianus; mm. interossei: — dorsales: jsou 4, takže vlastně vyplňují všechny prostory mezi metakarpy. Mají dvě hlavy, vždy začínající na sousedních metakarpech a upínají se do. m. speculum rhomboideum. Spanish-English dictionary. espéculo romboide The anatomy of the speculum rhomboideum of the trapezius, rhomboideus minor, rhomboideus major, serratus posterior superior, splenius capitis, and splenius cervicis to the spinous processes of the cervicothoracic junction were studied using 50 cadavers. Results

Surgical Anatomy of the Nuchal Muscles in the Posterior

  1. or was attached to the spinous process between C5 and C7. The cephalic end attachment was found at C5 in 66%, C6 in 30%, and C7 in 4%. The caudal end a ttachment was found at C5 in 6%, C6 in 58%, and C7 in 36%
  2. alis M. pectoralis
  3. ens) se nachází aponeurotický začátek svalů obou stran - speculum rhomboideum MUSCULUS LATISSIMUS DORSI processus spinosi T7 - S5; fascia thoracolumbalis (la
  4. Pletenec horní končetiny • pletenec horní končetiny (cingulum membri superioris) - lopatka (scapula), klíční kost (clavicula) • kostra volné horní končetiny (skeleton membri superioris liberi) - kost pažní (humerus).

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attachment of the surface nuchal muscles such as the speculum rhomboideum, rhomboideus minor, and serratus posterior superior. On the other hand, in the C6/C7 ratio of more than 0.8, there were a lot of individual differences in the morphology of the spinous process attachment of the nuchal muscles. It was suggested that the surgica Start studying jednotlivé svaly - zimní pitevna. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools

Site updates. Recent changes. New image Short-term clinical outcome of modified expansive open-door cervical laminoplasty preserving posterior extensor musculature inserted into C2 and C7 spinous proces

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Guide.pdf - IDC Publisher Esta es una lista de LC en Costa Rica de acuerdo con la Lista Roja de la UICN.. Esta lista se actualizó por última vez 2019-09-14 . This list contains only species that have been assessed for the IUCN Red List.It is therefore not representative of all the species in the country Link - sistematikos pavadinimų autorius. Link yra biologas. lot. Link Link yra 500 sinonimų autorius. Abolboda inermis Link,Steud.,? - yra? Abolboda americana. Have heart and look into the heart tłumaczenie We have collected information ( or have experience ) with germination on the seed varieties below. If you need feedback on our data, let us know

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Name Code: Kingdom: Phylum: Class: Order: Family: Scientific Name: SF-470869: Fungi: Basidiomycota : Agaricomycetes : Polyporales : Polyporaceae : Polyporus. Methods: The anatomy of the speculum rhomboideum of the trapezius, rhomboideus minor, rhomboideus major, serratus posterior superior, splenius capitis, and splenius cervicis to the spinous processes of the cervicothoracic junction were studied using 50 cadavers. Result

DomainOptions, Inc., 7260 W Azure Dr Ste 140-829, Las Vegas, NV 89130 USA. Email: info@domainoptions.ne Euphorbia echinocarpa. 1192/2. Euphorbia provincialis. 1188/13;. Euphorbia edulis... 1234/18-2 1;. Randia latifolia...

Surgical diseases of the chest - PDF Free Download 14.. Ophrys speculum Link Arachnites speculum (Link) Tod., Ophrys ciliata Biv., Ophrys eos Devillers et Devillers-Tersch., Ophrys scolopax Willd., nom. illeg., Ophrys lusitanica (O.Danesch et E.Danesch) Paulus et Gack, Ophrys vernixia Brot., Ophrys regis-ferdinandii (Acht. et Kellerer ex Renz) Buttle Alexey P. Seregin (ed.) A list of vascular plant taxa deposited in the Moscow University Herbarium (MW) Version 1.0 (25 March 2016) А.П. Серегин (ред. Radiola linoides Rafflesia Arnoldii Ramonda Myconi, pyrenaica e var. Nathalie Randia malleifera, macrantha Ranunculus aconitifolius, acris, alpestris. Komentáře . Transkript . I. Afrika a Arabský poloostro

Surgical anatomy of the nuchal muscles in the posterior

superficialem aut temerariam, sed fundamentalem et accuratam constituit. [note: Iudiciosus praeferendus] III. Unde propter casuum in praxi varietatem, et circumstantiarum inexplicabiles quandoque nodos, Morborumque novorum subinde, ex accrescente Hominum luxuria [orig: luxuriâ], et contagiorum vario connexu, proventum, iudiciosus magis, quam memoria [orig: memoriâ] praeditus consulendus est. Metric Type Index Type File Type File Extension Weight Basis Statistic Result Depth Unit Laboratory Comment Code Analysis Time Zone Analytical Method Lab Sample Prep. 0 0. 0 0. 0 0. 0 0. 0 0. 0 0. 0 0. 0 0. 0 0. 0 0. 0 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 0 0. US Army Corps of Engineers Northcentral and Northeast Region - Version 2.0. 0 0. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site INDE: . , , - - . Zakon.Toda

GML Analytical Methods Domain Lists 2009 Changes SWE ODPX DET The name of the array. DataRecord Encoding Formatting details for the array. Defines what is used to designate a decimal in a value Methodus medendi. ET ita quidem sanitatem conservandi, ac Morbos praecavendi rationem docuit Hygieine; nunc sequitur Therapeutica, Therapia, vel Therapeusis, quae Medicum instruit, qua ratione Hominem Aegrotantem pristinae sanitati restituere, atque sic vitam ipsius conservare, causas morbificas destruere, Morbos profigare, eorumque effectus sive Symptomata abigere debeat CATH Superfamily Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase, large subunit, C-terminal domai

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Сomentários . Transcrição . here. - Universidade de Évor SVDb# Species Infraspecific Synonym Family Country/Region Volum 855 relationer: Abolboda americana, Abutilon auritum, Abutilon incanum, Acacia alata, Acacia browniana, Acacia dodonaeifolia, Acacia floribunda, Acacia genistifolia.

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analýza www.Medievalacademy.org, jeho témata (Speculum, Spekulum, Francesco Landini) a hlavní konkurenti (alchemiae.cz, wordsmith.org, medline.com trtttt | Landscape Architecture | Landscape aaaa

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  1. 2004.96 - Regional Anatomy in its Relation to Medicine and Library Recor
  2. Botanica e Filatelia piante: elenco Soggetti soggetti - stati. Abelia mosanensis . Abeliophyllum distichum . Abelmoschus esculentus . Abelmoschus manihot . Abelmoschus moschatus
  3. Acanthaceae Aceraceae Achariaceae Acrobolbaceae Actinidiaceae Adelanthaceae Agavaceae Aizoaceae Alangiaceae Algae Alismataceae Alliaceae Aloaceae Alstroemeriaceae.
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