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Fastest way to get Mjoll as a follower in Skyrim This is a in depth guide on Mjoll the lioness as a follower including her in game stats. Basic quick run thr.. To receive Mjoll's quest, the Dragonborn must be at least level 14 and Mjoll must like them. The easiest way to gain her favor is to simply agree with her in that the Thieves Guild in Riften is evil. Alternatively, Mjoll's favor can be gained by performing favors for the citizens of Riften 6 Answers. You have to engage the conversation where she talks to you about her sword, Grimsever. She lost it in a Dwarven ruin and you have to get it back. If you are at least on level 15 you..

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  1. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled where can i find mjoll as a follower?
  2. To gain him as a follower, just agree to aid him in his quest to find his master. If you choose to ignore his quest, however, he can be stacked with another follower and will continue to assist..
  3. Make sure that Mjoll is brought to the house as a follower before you ask her to become a Steward. Otherwise, it won't be possible
  4. • Mjoll uses a hunting bow and leveled Battleaxe during combat. • After retrieving her sword, Grimsever, she can become a potential spouse or follower. • As a follower, she will tell you stories about her past
  5. d while having Mjoll as a follower or a spouse is that she despises thieves and the entire Thieves Guild
  6. d that she is a part of the questline at the College of Winterhold so you will most certainly bump into her once you arrive there

Mjoll: Have you prepared the stables like I suggested, Shadr? Shadr: Yes, Lady Mjoll. If Riften gets attacked, we'll retreat inside the city gates and bar the door just like you said. Mjoll: Good. You could be our first line of defense since you live outside the city walls, so we're depending on you. Drifa: Mjoll! I'm glad I found you can't get mjoll as follolwer - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Hi all, I seem to have a bug that I can't find any info anywhere. I can't get mjoll the lioness to give the dialogue option of becoming a follower. I've completed the grimseaver quest, and she talked about following me, but I can't actually get her as a follower. I've read about a bug where you can't the grimseaver quest, but I. The other issue has to do with the type of voice that Mjoll uses, the FemaleNord type. The follower Freya Gray-Mane from Pandorable's Heroines uses this voice, and this specific follower is one of 2 within the mod that requires Relationship Dialogue Overhaul. This specific follower always seems have issues being recruited among those who.

The best bit is that because Barbas isn't technically a follower, you can have him and another regular follower at the same time! 9. Golldir Mjoll The Lioness. as all you need to do is become a Thane of the specific town, which you will get by doing main quests. 2. J'Zargo Like Mjoll, she is an essential character who cannot be killed; she comes as a part of the Dawnguard DLC. However, she will not have the full set of follower commands until you finish the main Dawnguard questline. A powerful necromancer, Serana's level caps at 50, and she will raise corpses to help in battle

Good: Mjoll the Lioness Mjoll is another awesome Nord warrior follower, and she can be found patrolling the city of Riften. She's a good melee fighter, but she can be equipped with bows or magic staves which she can use efficiently In the console menu type: player.setrelationshiprank 00019DF7 4 What this does is set Mjoll's relation to you at level 4, which makes her able to be your follower, and if you have an Amulet, your.. Mjoll the Lioness is a retired adventurer and Riften protector. Mjoll is a Nord who hold the class of two handed warrior with heavy armor stats and longs for her sword she lost long ago Grimserver. Mjoll can be a follower if you complete her task to find her sword for her and befriend her

Mjoll is an essential character and cannot be killed by other characters or by the Dragonborn, increasing her value as a follower. This makes her useful as cannon fodder or a tank against enemies like Dwarven Centurions and mammoths. Mjoll cannot be sacrificed at the Sacellum of Boethiah during the quest Boethiah's Calling Now based on my research (and about 30-40 new saves to test) for Mjoll's quest to appear, you have to fulfill a bunch of conditions, specifically being at least level 14, having a good disposition with her (easiest way to do so being that you can agree with her about her dislike for the Thieves Guild), and if you only meet her around the time you're already level 14, you have to level up and. Mjoll the Lioness female Nord follower in (Riften)Skyrim.Mjoll the lioness may be found in the Bee and Barb inn or walking around the city.To get her as a followers after finishing a quest to. Ok in order to get this follower you must be level 14 next you must complete any 4 quest for people inside Riften after all this is done you have to talk. Get Mjoll as a follower (do her quest), ask her to accompany you. Wait until night time outside of Aerin's house, ask Mjoll to Wait after you trade stuff with her and take the requisite key. Go inside Aerin's house and murder him, exit and ask Mjoll to follow you again. level 1

Well, i'm level 20, done a few quests for the people of Riften to get them to like me, i agreed with her when she talked about the thieves guild and still she wont give me the quest, i read somewhere that i had to get passed the Return the Horn of Jurgen (cant remember his second name) in the main quest line and i did but still no quest from Mjoll, really annoying as i want to have her as a. The best way to treat Mjoll is to travel to the far End of the Forgotten Vale and tell her to wait. Or using an AFT tweak script to have her praying to her gods in the forgotten Vale... while you return to what ever fun you want to have anywhere far away... and forget about her That last point is probably the biggest reason most fans love Mjoll. That and she is also a badass warrior woman who kicks butt and takes names. But I'll get to her crush on the Dragonborn in a second. Let me first explain when I had this epiphany that Mjoll isn't in love with Aerin (and that people who kill him are monsters) Forever. This will require you to get used to this follower, since you'd be wed until death do you part. Unless you've modded the game to add polygamy as an option. One useful companion you can gain through marriage is Mjoll the Lioness, who you can marry following her quest. This will make it easier to find her, as she'll be hanging out in. I had Mjoll as a follower when I took the flight to Skuldafn. When I returned from Sovngarde, she wasn't anywhere to be found. We're not married, so she wasn't at my house. I checked everywhere in Riften, still nothing. Will she ever return? I'd use the console to solve this, except I'm not playing on PC

In skyrim, how do I get Mjoll the lioness to be my follower

After doing her fetch quest, I tried to get her as a follower. The dialog option to get her to follow me appears, but if. I select that option nothing happens at all. I have exhausted all other dialog paths, and she does verbally. offer to follow before the follow option appears, but selecting. the request to have her follow me has no effect. To get her as a follower, the Dragonborn must find Mjoll's blade in the Dwemer ruins of Mzinchaleft and return it to her. She will be grateful enough to tag along on adventures if her company is.. You should always choose the follower you personally like the most but some are better than others. If you need help or just interested, here's the 10 best followers in Skyrim! Top 10 Best Followers in Skyrim Mjoll the Lioness. Stenvar. Annekke Crag-Jumper. Farkas. Aela the Huntress. Jenassa. Housecarls. J'Zargo He's not everyone's cup of tea, as he does technically betray the Dark Brotherhood, but if you're willing to let bygones be bygones, he's a follower well worth taking under your wing. To get Cicero, you need to finish the Dark Brotherhood questline and spare him at the Dawnstar Sanctuary

where can i find mjoll as a follower? - The Elder Scrolls

Karin Follower - High Poly Version Karin Follower - Standard Version Mjoll Replacer - High Poly Version Mjoll Replacer - Standard Version Mjoll and Karin look identical. Both Mjoll and Karin use your body meshes and textures, so should be compatible with all the various body types across Nexus If Mjoll were supposed to be just a generic follower from the start, they shouldn't have bothered giving her a sidekick of her own and a story that she's here to stop corruption in Riften. Just botched. As far as your proposal goes (the actual topic lol, my bad), I do like the idea

Mjoll quickly kills all three fish at range, walks past me wordlessly, and starts paddling across the bay. I haven't felt that stupid since, well, yesterday, when I paralyzed myself in front of her Mjoll is one of the best Skyrim wives and is a Nord warrior. She has high integrity values and desires to remove bribery in her area code. When it comes to fighting, Mjoll is a very strong character and is a good fighter. The thing that makes her different from others is she can't be destroyed. 2. Borgakh the Steel Hear Make sure the prompt and the NPC responses get across the message that the player wants to exchange items with the follower. 16. Last but not least, on the list to the left back in the main quest box, click the DialogueFollowerWait option and right-click to copy Onmund's response to the right Mjoll the Lioness is a Nord vigilante in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. She traveled to Tamriel extensively and claims to be as experienced and we'll travel as one can be. She and Aerin can be found in Bee and Barb or wondering around Riften. Upon visiting Riften. The Dovahkiin can encounter in the either the inn or wandering the streets. There, she will tell the Dragonborn that she strongly.

For someone who can get stuck in with physical combat she is good but her attitude and dialogue can get annoying. Who is the best warrior follower in Skyrim? Mjoll the Lioness and Aela the Huntress are two of the best warrior followers in Skyrim and Serana is good too although she also mixes in magic After retrieving the blade, head back to Riften and talk to Mjoll again. Recruit her as a follower, and take her to the Temple of Mara, conveniently located in Riften. There talk to Maramal about marriage. He ought to sell you an Amulet of Mara, which you should purchase. Follow quest directions from there For some reason I can't get Mjoll's quest, even though every other character I have can get it, and already completed it with them. I already tried several solutions I've read around the Internet, like levelling up and then talking to her, or improving my standing with Riften, however nothing seems to do the trick

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In the Conditions tab, look for the condition where GetIsID is Mjoll. Double click that condition to open it. Click the button marked with Actor: 'Mjoll' and edit it so it points to your NPC instead. Click OK to save changes to the condition Mjoll will continue to be your follower if Aerin's death is not considered a crime on your part by the game, e.g. he attacks you or the crime is not observed. She is a powerful two-handed warrior; but her favorite sword, Grimsever, is a one-handed glass sword I also tried to get a dragon to attack him and kill him, that didn't work, he didn't lose any health at all as if he's invincible. My other custom follower works just fine and as intended. I also tried the set playerfollowercount to 0 command that only made my custom follower leave. If anybody asks, I did complete the Thirsk Mead Hall quest Grimsever can be found within Mzinchaleft before acquiring the related quest from Mjoll. This will open the quest dialogue with her. Level 14 is required for the sword to spawn however. After completing the quest, Mjoll will be available as a follower, at which point you can trade inventory with her and take Grimsever back

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Skyrim: 20 Best Wives & How To Marry Them. From Aela to Mjoll the Lioness, here are our picks for the best wives in Skyrim, as well as tips for gaining their trust and romancing them The easiest way i found to get rid of Aerin is this: Purchase the house in whiterun and move there with Mjoll Eventually, Aerin will walk out the door, if he does not, exit/re-enter the house Mjoll the Lioness: Found in Riften The follower can be killed while in this state, but if you are near, enemy combatants will turn their attention to you, instead. Party of Five or More

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4. Mjoll the Lioness. Mjoll is a very useful follower but she can be a wife as well! She is a Nord vigilante who hangs around at the Bee and Barb inn located in Riften. However she is a package deal, and even if you decide to marry her Aerin is tagging along. If you want to marry Mjoll you need to be at least level 14 Marcurio (male, in Riften's Bee and the Barb, hire him as a Follower first) Vilkas (male, in Jorrvaskr in Whiterun, complete all quests for The Companions) When you have a suitor that is. When you return the sword, Mjoll can now be recruited as a female melee tank follower. Mjoll is a useful follower who puts her knowledge of Two-Handed weapons, Archery, Block and Heavy Armory to.

Actually if you recruit her as a follower while in another town it will cause him to return to Riften. Follow him out of the town and kill him on the road. She will not freak out because she is a follower. — Unsigned comment by at 23:27 on 22 December 201 When I couldn't get Farkas to give the option to make him one, I went and got Marcurio or however it's spelled, from Riften, I think the one you're wanting. As soon as I took him to Lakeview, he. Jenassa is normally a follower that you pay, but she can also become your wife and she will be there up to level 40. She's one of those wives that can become a great combat asset. Mjoll the Lioness. Image Source. Mjoll the Lioness is one of the wives that have a very high power and strength. She's unkillable and can go up to level 40. Mjoll the Lioness. warrior (two-handed weapon) Riften - The Bee and Barb (9; 13) You can ask Mjoll to join you after completing his mini-quest. He usually stays in the inn, but you can also find him in other areas of Riften. Njada Stonearm. warrior (one-handed weapon) Whiterun - Jorrvaskr (5; 31

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Right-click the option that says Right behind you, which is spoken by the follower Mjoll. Hit opy. 14. Double-click the copy that gets made. The copy is designated by an asterisk (*) next to the I'm right behind you dialogue. This will bring up a new box You can have both an NPC follower and a dog at the same time! Unlike human NPCs, where you sometimes need to complete certain quests in order to get one to follow you, dogs are easier to get. Though they are not as strong and as handy during combat, getting a dog in Skyrim can certainly add a fun twist while playing the game I married Mjoll from Riften but Aerin follows her around everywhere and just stands there watching her as she sleeps..he mu Mjoll makes a great follower and also a great choice for a wife in Skyrim. Her banded iron armour isn't the best but she looks fierce and the face paint is cool. To marry Mjoll you'll need to complete the quest to return her sword Grimsever. Mjoll does make a great follower and wife for her entertaining dialogue Once your 3 days are up, you'll get the Your follower tires of waiting and leaves message, they will return to the location you initially hired them from. In case of Housecarls , like Lydia, they will either return to the keep in their respective cities, or your home in said city (assuming you purchased one)

Most followers are Protected, but a few are Essential, including Cicero (Mjoll and Serena as two others, I think there are a couple more). I wanted to kill Cicero when I first met him broken down on the side of the road, but didn't. I had Cicero as a follower but now he just disappeared. He's about as lethal as it gets with a dagger. Hello tis I 1. Mjoll the Lioness. She is a Nord, has a sweet voice and lives in Riften. She can become a good follower, being a fighter with level cap 40 and considering the fact that she cannot be killed. She wears heavy armor and uses a two-handed sword. She is great if you want to try a warrior style play, and she has got some good dialog options

Solution: Keep an eye on the follower, and try to take paths the follower can navigate. Tightly winding stairs, especially in cylindrical stone towers, can get the follower stuck. Solution: Walk down the steps, move towards the outside of the steps and let the AI follow in that direction to get unstuck Mjoll the Lioness can be a follower as well as a wife, showing high degrees of strength in battle with strong combat skills, all the way up to level 40. She is unkillable too. A huge downside is her inability to shake off Aerin, who will follow her to whatever house you send her too. Well, this is an upside if you like having more people around. Mjoll the Lioness is a Nord vigilante. She has traveled Tamriel extensively and claims to be as experienced and well traveled as one can be. She and Aerin may be found in the Bee and Barb inn , wandering around Riften , or in Aerin's House at night #7 - Mjoll the Lioness. The lovable, likable, Lioness of Riften, Mjoll is everything in a partner that a do-gooder would want. Like many of the others on this list, Mjoll can work as both a spouse and a follower. She is a brute, skilled with 100 two-handed, 100 heavy armor, 78 block, and 73 archery. Mjoll is easily compatible with any. Serana, one of the Daughters of ColdHarbour, became a pure-blooded vampire by pledging herself to Molag Bal during a terrifying ritual. Like Mjoll, she is an essential character who cannot be killed; she comes as a part of the Dawnguard DLC. However, she will not have the full set of follower commands until you finish the main Dawnguard questline

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The leader of a group of cannibals, Eola is undeniably freighting and will only join you as a follower after you clear out a certain cave and join her cannibalistic cult. Apart from, you know, eating people, Eola is also skilled in combat, summoning a flame atronach at the beginning of most conflicts and using a variety of other spells, including resurrecting fallen enemies to fight on the side of the Dragonborn There is a mod called UFO Ultimate Follower Overhaul that allows you to have up to 15 followers at one time.. There are also dialogue options that allow you to turn followers essential or non-essential like you're important makes the follower essential. everyone dies makes the follower non-essential Ethan Vaughters just described the method of getting married pretty well. In answer to the second question, you can marry followers. (And yes, you can marry followers that are the same sex as your character.) ELIGIBLE FEMALE FOLLOWERS: Aela the Hu.. So warrior followers get heavy armor, 2 handed swords, mages get staves, archers get bows, and so on. Give your follower a torch and they will use it when it's dark. Just remember to take the torches away from them or have them wait somewhere when you are trying to sneak, as the light will make sneaking a lot less effective

#2 Mjoll the Lioness. Location: In or around The Bee and Barb Inn, Riften. Requirements: Grimsever's Return quest completion. Aside from being your most brave of all wives in Skyrim, Mjoll can also serve as an amazing follower. She has impressive skills in combat, as well as undeniable strength and prowess in battle You can get this as a random drop in the world, but it's easier to go to the Temple of Mara in Riften and talk to Maramal there (if he's not there, check the inn). Mjoll the Lioness Nord.

Who is the Best Follower in Skyrim? | Saffron MilkSkyrim Beautiful Followers - SBF Mjoll at Skyrim NexusDova s Angels - Iona - Jordis - Lydia - Mjoll - Saadia>Marry Mjoll >Didn't know bitch was essential npc >Kill20 Best Skyrim Wives You Can Marry – FandomSpot

2. Mjoll the Lioness. Mjoll the Lioness can be a follower as well as a wife, showing high degrees of strength in battle with strong combat skills, all the way up to level 40. She is unkillable too. A huge downside is her inability to shake off Aerin, who will follow her to whatever house you send her too The follower can do this even when holding a two-handed weapon, such as a great sword. A follower will not be able to accept additional items from you once his or her weight limit is reached. You may, however get him or her to carry more than this limit by dropping items and commanding the follower to pick them up Mjoll the Lioness from The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim. Equiped with her default iron armor. Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Mjoll the Lioness, was posted by Arrzot Sep 21, 2019 · Mjoll, one of the more powerful tank-characters in Skyrim, is an excellent follower for a variety of play styles. Others might be ordinary townspeople inspired by your example who agree to follow you if asked

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